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Selection skills of yellow pump

Small yellow pump is also a kind of water pump, not because of its small size, ignore its use value, the scope of use is still more extensive, in the choice of small yellow pump, also according to their own needs.
Reasonable is perfect, the choice of yellow pump is also starting from this point, the first consideration is where to use, and then there is a choice target. To meet the requirements of using the flow and head, which requires the pump operating time point (intersection curve and performance characteristics of the pump device) to keep running at high efficiency range, so that power is both easy to damaged parts.
Small size of the pump was small, the weight is light, it can be ignored, the overall performance is an important principle of purchase, we choose products focus on its quality and service life, the depth of excavation can reduce the pumping station, not to pump cavitation, smooth operation and long life.



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