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Daily maintenance of small yellow pump

If you want to use the Yellow pump long time, need to do the daily maintenance, the first thing to do is to check the work, check the pump power supply wire yellow, whether aging, broken skin, if these damaged surface modified in a timely manner, to avoid greater failure.
Second is to check the small pump whether there is abnormal sound use, abnormal represents there are problems, timely inspection, due to bearing damage, lack of lubricating oil, rotor rub iron (eccentric / concentric), processing rotor vertical deformation caused by the change of bearing, and add the lubricating oil, the rotor and the rotor check burr trimming. To see whether the above problems, timely solution, after the convenience of the normal use. The use of water pump is required to water diversion, in operation also to see whether reversal, if it is reversed, replace the capacitor joint method.



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