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Garden humidification pump how to do without pressure

Garden humidification pump is a common irrigation equipment in garden culture. It is simple and convenient to use, and also can realize irrigation effectively. Even if it is irrigation of small seedlings, it will not affect it. In the process of using, some people have encountered the situation without pressure, how to solve such problems?
There is no pressure on the garden humidification pump, on the one hand is not running for a long time, resulting in the impeller, sealing parts bonding, causing motor blocking; before starting, the disc pump should be confirmed that the rotation is flexible, restart. In addition to this aspect, the problem of humidification pump itself is also an important point, the equipment itself is the problem of product quality problems. Another aspect is the electrical fault, check whether the motor and the circuit lack of phase fault, the protection system whether or not misoperation.
Water shortage will also affect the water pressure of the garden humidifying pump. When the pump is running, the noise is too large, the valve will be closed gradually, the sound will become smaller, and the pressure will be improved.



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