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Management and application of garden humidifying pump

The main function of the garden humidification pump is to manage the plants in the garden, to help the irrigation, and to replenish the water for the seedlings. The choice of sprinklers should consider the height of the plant and the shape of the green belt, and at the same time need careful construction, so as to avoid the contradiction with the mechanical operation.
Garden sprinkler irrigation has a professional water pump, garden humidification pump is one of them, can spray irrigation, also can dropper, the same installation in sprinkler irrigation and micro sprinkler irrigation, different plots scattered distribution, increased the sprinkler irrigation equipment selection and network layout difficulty. The use of water pumps should also take into account the height of the plant growth, such as low plant selection of sprinklers around the ring spray. The higher plants should choose the method of spraying head upward.
As a user, we should record some data from the management of the garden humidification pump, so that we can find out what problems we have in the future, even if we solve the problems.



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