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How to do the heating of the bearing of the small yellow pump

The use of small pump will encounter some faults, such as bearings, bearing is an important part, if the bearing heating is easily damaged, there are many reasons for this situation, bearing or bracket cover gap is too small; shaft bending or two axis misalignment; the tape is too tight; lack of oil or oil well; impeller balance holes to plug up, the impeller out of balance, increased to side thrust and a series of factors may lead to bearing fever, we understand that the reason to solve, one by one out。
The most direct solution bearing heating problem is replaced, there are some other methods, can save the cost, in the course of the damage is not completely the case, removal of the rear cover, installed in between the bearing bracket with adjustable loose tape; proper tightness; add clean butter, butter for bearing gap in 60%. Through the above methods to solve the heat problem of the Yellow pump, not to affect the normal use.



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