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How to choose the Yellow pump

The selection of the small yellow pump should not be too large, otherwise it will increase the purchase cost. According to the demand, the most important thing is the right value and the highest use value.
There are three kinds of small yellow pumps used in local conditions, namely, centrifugal pump, axial flow pump and mixed flow pump。 High lift pump, but water is not applicable to the mountains and the well irrigation area; axial flow pump more water, but the head is not too high, for the plain areas; between the water quantity and lift range of centrifugal and axial flow pump mixed flow pump, suitable for the use of plain and hilly areas。 The user should choose and purchase the ground condition, water source and the height of the water。
When you choose to buy a small yellow pump, there is a clear lift on the top of the pump. The lift and the water lift are different when the pump is used, which is to be distinguished. In practice, only by the sign note estimation of lift and flow from 80% to 90%, the choice of matching power pump, power can be indicated on the label, in order to make the pump start fast and safe use, the engine power can also be slightly larger than the pump power required, generally higher than about 10% is appropriate.



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