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The method of saving the use cost of the small yellow pump

The use of any product is costly, for users to reduce the cost of that means the use value was high, to reduce the cost from the beginning, the daily maintenance work is also a way to reduce the cost of power consumption is mainly to reduce fuel consumption and water pump, if the pump has small yellow rust will increase power consumption or consumption. It needs to be polished and clean.
When the clearance of the impeller radius of the pump is increased by 4 millimeters, the pump amount will be reduced by 10%. It is only necessary to use organic adhesive and stone cotton line to restore the clearance of the factory, which can reduce the fuel consumption or electricity consumption of the pump by 10%-12%.
The blade installation angle is not consistent。 When the blade installation angle is not consistent, the pump volume will be reduced by 5%。 When the maintenance time is used, the angle gauge is installed and the position is fixed, so that the oil consumption or power consumption of the pump can be reduced by 5%-6%。
After the completion of the pump, the user can not reduce the cost through raw materials. It can only start with the use. The cost of reducing the use of the Yellow pump is still effective, and the user can try it.



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