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The method of judging the control switch of the small yellow pump

The control switch is a key factor to determine the use of the Yellow pump, to judge whether the control switch is out of order or not, and it is usually necessary to pay more attention to the observation. To delete a multi-stage pump control / pressure switch, remember to turn off the power, and use neon lamp test or abscess to check carefully, so as to ensure that the appliance turns off the power, and record the opening like this and lead you to be shocked. Around the power and pipe work, in particular, the danger of touching the wire at the spot increases the chance of the touch ground pipe pipe.
Check the design and adjustment of the control switch of Xiao Huang pump, the magnetic pump or the water tank pressure control switch, and transfer it to the pump on the "pressure" shear, usually 20 or 30 psi psi, and pump the water at the "clipping" pressure, usually 40 psi off or 50 psi. Through these parameters, it is understood whether the use of the control switch is out of order.



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