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How to do the water leakage of the humidifying pump in the garden

The main function of the garden humidifying pump is to irrigate the plants in the garden. During the process of using some friends, it is found that there is water leakage. There are also debugging methods to find out the cause of the leakage and remedy.
Water quality is a factor that affects the use of garden humidifying pump. The water quality of each area is different. The water quality will have small particles, which will cause wear and tear to the humidifying pump, resulting in water leakage. At this time, improve water pressure or medium and replace machine seal.
The working medium of garden pump humidification is the source of the water, if water will be caused by dry grinding damage, this phenomenon is more common in valve mounted form inlet pressure, inlet air, air cavity pump, pump boot, high temperature operation of the mechanical seal friction at high speed, can not be cooled, check the mechanical seal, spring tension normally, the friction surface of charred black, rubber hard cracking. The treatment method exhausting the pipe and the air of the pump cavity and replacing the machine seal.
Too tight installation is also a reason for the leakage of garden humidification pump. If it is debugged, it will probably improve the situation. No matter what the reason is, we can find out where to leak.



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