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Correct use of the method of humidifying pump in garden

The garden humidification pump has its own set of working processes。 From the start, this friend may say it is very simple。 Press the button to connect the power。 When the pump reaches the normal speed, it will gradually open the gate valve on the pipeline and adjust it to the required working condition。 When the gate valve is closed on the outlet pipe, the pump can not work more than 3 minutes for a continuous operation。
After starting, it is running. During the operation of the garden humidifying pump, we should pay attention to the data on the instrument. The difference between the bearing temperature and the ambient temperature is not more than 40 degrees. The temperature rise of the bearing is not higher than 80 degrees. If the abnormal results are found in the process, it should stop immediately.
When the operation will stop, the garden humidifier stop should gradually shut down the gate valve on the outlet pipe and cut off the power supply。 If the stop is stopped for a long time, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance, removing the pump and cleaning the oil and packing it。



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