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Method of reducing noise of intelligent pump

The operation of intelligent pump is intelligent, and there will be sound in the process of using. If the voice is large, it belongs to the category of noise. Usually, the sound of intelligent pump will not be too large. If the level of noise reaches the level, part of it may be damaged by equipment.
Reduce the noise of the intelligent pump first check whether the pump damaged parts need to be replaced, some are lubrication and so on, from all aspects to solve the noise problem.
The correct installation method is the primary condition to reduce the noise of the intelligent pump. When installing, the anti vibration shim is placed on the supporting part of the pipe rack, and a sound insulation cover can also be arranged around the pump and motor. The sound insulation cover adopts good sound insulation material. This method is relatively simple and fast. If necessary, no pulsating muffler can be installed, and the noise effect is more significant.



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