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How long can the small yellow pump be used?

  The small yellow pump can be used as a booster pump in the car washing, and the car washing tool can be well matched with the car washing tool to finish the car washing work。 The small yellow pump is small in size and light in weight, can be carried by the vehicle, does not occupy a large space, and can work in the places of some water sources, and is very convenient。 

  So how long is the use time of the small yellow pump? Because the volume of the small yellow pump is not small, the relative power is small, and if the load operation is not caused in the daily life, it can be used for about two or three years. It is also the usual water-absorbing work to pay attention to the damage parts of the sand, and to pay attention to the daily maintenance work, then the small yellow pump can be used for two or three years.

  No matter how long the small yellow pump is used, we shall carry out routine maintenance on the small yellow pump and pay more attention to the load and damage in the use, and maintain it in time, so as to ensure the use effect of the small yellow pump.



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