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Method for reducing working noise of small yellow pump

Pump in the process of operation, there will inevitably be noise, small yellow pump can not be avoided, we have to do as much as possible to minimize noise, the following describes several ways to reduce noise.
Reduce the noise from the Yellow pump working environment, a sound source closed tight pump noise, noise will be generated pump room / take sound insulation treatment, doors and windows to do sound processing, such treatment is absolutely valid, but the investment would be relatively large.
In addition, the noise caused by the controller, equipment and equipment parts of the small yellow pump, and each pump unit is set separately to prevent resonance. Soft connection is used as much as possible on suction and pressure pipe of water pump. Regular maintenance, problems such as packing leakage, equipment parts loose, equipment parts wear seriously, mechanical vibration should be timely maintenance, so as to reduce noise.



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